Tools of the Trade

“College is my job.” “I’m a full time student.” These are both things that I’ve heard from many different people. I agree with them. I know that working during college is essential to paying the bills, while I’m here, my first priority is my education. With that in mind, there are a few things I find essential to my success as a student.

  1. A Good Laptop. This has been so incredibly helpful to me. Besides just its obvious capabilities like typing and internet connection, my laptop also helps keep me connected to the people I love. I can text my parents, FaceTime my best friends, and check social media to see what’s going on in the lives of people I know.
  2. A Good Roommate and Floor. The community I am experiencing here is something I have been so thankful for. My roommate is great, she makes jokes when I don’t want to do my reading, encourages me to go to the gym, and makes me eat when I get loopy. I am so glad that I have people around me that care for me and want to see me succeed. On that note…
  3. Engaged Professors and Advisers. One of the things that has been most beneficial to me is the availability of the staff here at school. Having approachable professors and career coaches that I can ask questions of has already helped me determine, in part, what I’m going to do in the future- or at least next semester.
  4. Sleep and Coffee. Would this be a post about surviving college if these two weren’t mentioned? One thing I’m frequently surprised at is the amount of sleep students don’t get. I aim for seven a night, and some nights even that’s ambitious. However, I know that sleep is important, and I can tell a difference in my ability to succeed when I have enough of it. And for those nights when I don’t get as much sleep as I want? That’s when I head to Coffee Cottage and bask in the warm and cozy smell of coffee and delicious muffins.

These are just a few of the things that have helped me make it through most of my first semester of college (That in and of itself is crazy to think about!). What are some of your essentials?


One thought on “Tools of the Trade

  1. It seems so crazy to me sometimes to be going back to school at my age. You would think it would be much easier for me this time around. In some ways it is—maybe academically; but in other ways it is much more difficult—especially socially. I think all the things you mentioned above–especially the sleep and coffee  (the idea of them at least), are important for surviving the stress and work load of a college education. If I were going to add one thing to the list, for me it would be keeping in mind that for whatever reason(s), God has opened this door for me right now, and He has never let me down.


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