Books on My Nightstand

As the school year progresses, I am finding it harder and harder to come up with my blog posts. Last week I wrote about writer’s block, but I knew I couldn’t do that again, even though it helped to get the creativity flowing. So I turned to the website every girl goes to when they are in need of a little inspiration.


I typed in the words “Blog Prompts” and clicked search. I was a little skeptical of how this would play out. Would I like what I came up with?

What I found were deceptively long articles full of random prompts meant to inspire writing. There were “October Blog Challenges” and posts titled, “No More Excuses; Blog Every Day.” While I agree that these could be fun and helpful, none of these pins where quite what I was looking for. Something juicy and entertaining, that would elicit laughter and consideration from my readers. Finally, after searching through endless lists of photos I could post or articles I could write, I found a prompt that I liked.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.00.10 PM

It was perfect! “I love to read, I’m always reading. That’s a perfect post for me!” These thoughts rushed through my mind upon seeing those words. There’s only one small problem. The books on my nightstand are not the kind that one usually finds when reading blog posts of this type. I mean, I don’t even have a nightstand. Instead I have a tiny bookshelf that straddles my bed.

The contents of my bookshelf would take me a long time to explain. It contains two of my favorite books, The Book Thief and Code Name Verity. It also has a series of books my cousin recommended to me that I foolishly thought I would have time to read (Maybe some day Becky!). In addition to those, this small shelf holds all of my honors books. These range from the Odyssey to the Bible to the collected works of Plato. There’s a Modge Podge letter “A” and two pumpkins. It also holds an old edition of National Geographic featuring the Pope.

So there you have it, my Pinterest Prompted Post. Maybe an odd collection of words, but all of them true. A simple search inspired this post, and those are the contents of my meager bookshelf. Someday I’ll have a much larger bookshelf, and maybe that day this short article will be more informative. And until then, I’ll keep searching for prompts, hoping to find a source of inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Books on My Nightstand

  1. My bookshelf last year looked so similar to this, with a few select favorites that I never actually had time to read but that I liked seeing every day, a lot of honors books, and a plant named Corey (who unfortunately died over the summer even though I managed to keep him alive for a whole school year). Dorm room bookshelves, unspeakably small, seem to dial in the true interests of any book lover. Having to choose just a few favorites to bring to school was one of the most difficult aspects of moving in, but it made me take a deeper look at which books I actually cared about to read twice.


  2. Do you have two pumpkins so that they don’t get lonely when you leave the house? Do they have names? Backstories? How do the pumpkins know each other? I just have a lot of questions.
    And I totally get the “running out of ideas” bit. Thanks to you, though, now I know what to do when I’m stuck in writers block. Pinterest is lovely.


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